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Maati baandhe painjanee,
Bangdi pehne baadli,
Dedo dedo baavdo,
Ghod-mathod baavdi…

The land is wearing anklets,
The sky is wearing bangles,
The clouds in a happy frenzy have taken different shapes,
The revolving earth is rotund and beautiful.

It is Rajasthan’s nature to show hidden gems to each traveller. What you see and begin to admire here, is a reflection of admiration for your own soul. In India, the beauty of the bride is accentuated by covering her from head to toe with sixteen ornaments, also called as ‘solah shringar’. Find the watery lake in the eyes lined with kohl. See the carvings in the temple which lies atop the hill near the bejewelled ankle. Neat hair decorated with flowers, preserve the free wildlife in its depth. Beyond the fields of beauty, unravel tales of yore and experience the magic of a real mythical land.

Come to Explore the Unexplored in Rajasthan. Padharo Mhare Desh!