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  • Events Not to Miss in Rajasthan this October

    Events Not to Miss in Rajasthan this October

    If there is sentence that could describe Rajasthan, it would be “The Crown in the Jewel”. Despite the abundance of astounding places in India, it is Rajasthan that is the cynosure of all, as the myriad experiences that you can get in Rajasthan remain unparalleled. While Rajasthan has something to offer every month,it is October that we are focusing on. So, here goes: -

  • Abhaneri festival – Dausa

    Abhaneri festival – Dausa

    ‘Abhaneri festival’ is named after the village Abhaneri in the Dausa district which is around 90 km from Jaipur on the Agra road. This two-day festival has gained immense popularity amongst the tourists around the globe. This year, it will commence from 11th to 12th October with various Rajasthani& local folk performances like KachhiGhodi, Kalbeliya, Bhapang and Bhawai. This Festival was initiated by Rajasthan Tourism in 2008, it is of great significance for Rajasthan. The village of Abhaneri was originally named AbhaNagri, meaning "city of brightness”. The place is popular for the Chand Baori (step well), one of the largest step wells built over a thousand years ago. Be a part of the celebrations at Abhaneri and dip into the rustic charm of traditional Rajasthani music.

  • The Sacred Pushkar

    The Sacred Pushkar

    October 12th-14th, 2018

    The Sacred Pushkarfestivalprovides a glimpse of new sounds, sights and ideas, as a dynamic community of experienced instructors, practitioners and musicians come together to contribute to fresh ideas for an inspired living. At the heart of the Sacred festival is world music, where you can witness performances of different traditions of sacred music, like Sufi, Gospel, Acapella and Folk. For those looking to heal their body from the ennui of the city life, there is the Sacred healing garden, where trained therapists offer massages and therapies such as Bowen Technique, Marma Therapy and Ayurveda Massage. And for those who want to mix spiritual exploration with that of the city, there are curated walks that will introduce the participants to Pushkar’s heritage. And for those who advocate sustainable food, you’ll have a delectable range of organic food options to choose from.

  • KabirYatra - Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Bikaner

    KabirYatra - Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Bikaner

    October 2nd-8th, 2018

    Over a period of six days, the Thar Desert becomes a stage for soulful music as KabirYatra, a travelling folk music festival, makes its way across and around Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Bikaner. Immerse yourself in the Sufi and bhakti music, as the poems of Kabir, Meera, Chaitnya, Rahim and Surdas create new world. The Thar Desert provides the perfect setting for the KabirYatra, as the spiritual hymns find home among the sand dunes of the desert, away from the hustle and bustle.

  • Dussehra & Adventure Festival– Kota

    Dussehra & Adventure Festival– Kota

    Dussehra Festivities in Kota dates back to 1723 AD. Started under the reign of MahraoDurjanshal Singh Hada, Dussehra festivities in Kota have come to acquire a distinctive appeal,and sees performances from prominent artists. On the day of Dussehra, 75 feet tall effigies of Ravana, Kumbhakarana and Meghnad are burnt, symbolizing the triumph of good over evil. During the period of Dussehra, the whole city of Kota donsa festive look,as people from surrounding areas descend upon the city to witness the this grand spectacle. Along with Dussehra, there is a three-day adventure festival organized in Kotawhichallows adrenaline junkies to satiate their longing for adventure. As the city of Kota is blessed with ample water resources, the adventure festival takes place in Chambal River and Kishore SagarTalab. During the festival, one can enjoy adventure sports like rock climbing, angling, trekking, kayaking, etc.

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