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Shree- The Sacred Festival celebration in Pushkar


LAKSHMI SHARAT | Dec 12th, 2016

Sacredsthan Sacredsthan
  • Camel Rides

    Camel Rides

    The deserts around Pushkar offer great vistas for sunsets and a camel safari is the ideal way to get there. There are several camps located around the town and you can enjoy a stay here amidst nature and see stars and shooting stars. You can also opt for longer safari rides based on your interest or go on a camel cart as well.

  • Pushkar Cafes

    Pushkar Cafes

    Pushkar’s quirkiness lies in its cafes, which have a flavor of their own. Have a cup of coffee or tea, bite into local savouries, hangout with friends or do some work over wifi. Situated by the lake or in the markets, these cafes also cater to the international tourists with some fusion food. From pizzas to dal bhattis, masala chai to cappuchino, pancakes to lassi, you can just order food, chill, enjoy the view or lose yourself in the vibrant atmosphere.

  • Pushkar Market

    Pushkar Market

    Walk around the markets of Pushkar and it is an assault on your senses. Pushkar has a connection to roses and the villages around the town are blooming with them. Don’t forget to buy rose water or gulkand or some fragrances. The market is also a colorful array of souvenirs and local handicrafts but it is the ideal haunt of foodies. From delicious chaats to kachoris and samosas, one must try the fresh and hot malpuas that are prepared here everyday.

  • Musical Performance

    Musical Performance

    The festival celebrates the spiritual aura around us. With the Jaipur Ghat as the venue, the festival begins with a maha aarti while chants fill the air. Yoga and mediatation set the tone for the day. The Pushkar lake resonates with the music . Performances are held throughout the day. From Sufi to Baul music, acapella to instrumental performances, artists from all over the world converge here to create a melodious experience. Some of the artists who performed here include Daler Mehendi, Gundecha Brothers, Parvathy Baul, Wadali Brothers, Shashank Subramanyam, Bhunghar Khan and Group besides international groups like The Soil.

  • Heritage Trail

    Heritage Trail

    Go on a heritage walk around Pushkar, stroll around the ghats, visit ancient temples, get a dose of history and listen to myths and legends. There is an ageless feel around the sacred Pushkar lake. The stories resonate around the creator Brahma. There are 52 ghats around Pushkar lake and the town alone has over 400 temples. Besides the Brahma and Savitri temples are the old Varaha temple, Rangnathji temples- both old and new and shrines dedicated to Shiva and Vishnu and other deities.