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Alwar Jain temple

Alwar, with its old-worldly charm and many important monuments, has been attracting attention for a long time now. One such significant piece of architecture that has been drawing flocks of people to this rustic yet enchanting city is the Jain temple in Alwar. Also known as the Tijara Jain temple, this temple is located in the Tijara tehsil in Alwar district, Rajasthan at a distance of 55 kilometers from the main city of Alwar. The area wherein the Alwar Jain temple stands is known as the “Atishaya Kshetra” or the region where the extraordinary happens. The Alwar Jain temple is dedicated to Chandra Prabhu, the eight Tirthankar.

  • A peep into the history

    The history of the Alwar Jain temple goes back to 1956 when the idol of the main deity of the temple was discovered during an excavation. It was a 15-inch tall idol of Chandra Prabhu in a Padmasana Mudra, made out of white marble. As per some old scriptures, it was on the 3rd day of Vaishakha Shukla of Vikram Samvat 1554 that the idol was installed for being worshipped by the locals. It is believed that later in the year 1972, another idol of Chandra Prabhu, 8-inch tall in the same lotus position, was discovered. These findings led to the strengthening of the belief that this place was once a Dehra or a place of Jain worship for the Jains.

  • Architectural beauty

    The Alwar Jain temple or Tijara temple has a rectangular layout. The inner hall of the temple is spacious enough to comfortably accommodate 2000 people. A sky-high pinnacle adorns the temple, which can be noted from a good distance. Colorful paintings depicting popular mythological stories and intricate glass work decorate the temple’s interiors.

  • Popular beliefs

    The locals here believe that all prayers done with true and good intentions here in the Tijara Jain temple are answered.