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Chanda | November 16th , 2018

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  • Witness the Anokha Mela – Pushkar

    Witness the Anokha Mela – Pushkar

    Kartika is the eighth lunar month of the Hindu calendar, and is among the holiest ones. While devout Hindus visit Pushkar, one of the holiest cities in Hindu religion, to bathe in its sacred waters, folks from the Thar drive their camels to be present for one of the largest camel, horse and cattle fairs in the world. The Pushkar camel fair is a multi-day extravaganza where one gets to see the animals that made living in the harsh conditions of the Thar possible, and soak in the culture of the state of Rajasthan. The main attractions of the Mela is the Cattle Fair and Camels all around. Here are the highlights you ought to experience when at the Pushkar Mela.

  • Camels


    It is called the Pushkar Camel Fair for areason. This sturdy mammal that made life possible in the Tharregion is put on exhibition and is actively sold by breeders. For tourists, there’s avariety of other things to do. Tourists can enjoy camel rideswherein the gentle swaying motions of the camel over the sand dunes provide a memorable experience. And if you have apprehensions about riding the camel, you can always witness the majestic animal dance or gazeat them while they are decorated with colourful livery.

  • Sports


    For those looking to get a taste of the rural sports, there is some unheard of local sports one can take part in. There is “Rassi Kasha” which is the local version of Tug-of-War. There is also Kushti, the Indian style of wrestling. A major attraction among the tourists is the “Lagaan Style Cricket Match” where team compromising of foreign tourists is pitted against team made of Indians. There are other local games one can play, including Langdi Taang and many more.

  • Handicrafts Bazaar

    Handicrafts Bazaar

    Sure it’s a camel fair, but make sure you visit the Handicrafts Bazaar as well. This bazaar at the Pushkar Mela has on sale the best of handicrafts from the state of Rajasthan, which provide a glimpse of the culture of the area, and make for perfect gifts and keepsakes.

  • Live Music

    Live Music

    The Pushkar fair is made more memorable with evenings which resonate with live music. The performances feature artists of national and international repute who mesmerizean already enchanted audience with their music. Give in to the verve of the Pushkar Mela, and you’ll realize that there’s a lot to do and a lot to immerse yourself in. Here’s your Pushkar Mela itinerary to plan your travel better!



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