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Rajasthan through eyes of Jerry


Jerry | October 17th , 2018

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  • Palace on Wheels – a fete fit for kings

    Palace on Wheels – a fete fit for kings

    The world is an amazing place to be in.It is full of attractions and experiences, some of which are so exhilarating that they feel more reverie than reality. You find yourself partaking in incredible events, setting on extraordinary journeys and doing things you could have only dreamed of. Being aboard the majestic Palace on Wheels is one such rewarding experience that does complete justice to the phrase – “Experience of a lifetime!” Designed to assist travellers from far and wide to revel in the grandeur and beauty of royal Rajasthan, Palace on Wheels takes you on 7 nights and 8 daysof a soul-lifting journey.

  • Taking a step back in time

    Taking a step back in time

    History has it that the inspiration for the Palace on Wheels had been derived from the luxurious carriages of the Nizams, Nawabs and British Viceroys of erstwhile India before independence. Since its maiden journey in 1982, the Palace on Wheels has taken numerous tourists on what they would dub “the most beautiful journeys of their lives”, across the length and breadth of Rajasthan. Starting from Delhi, the Palace on Wheels majestically advances to breath-taking destinations in Rajasthan,namely Jaipur, Sawai Madhopur, Chittorgarh, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Bharatpur. It next sets into Agra, home to the Taj Mahal, before culminating its journey backin Delhi. This train is designed to give the passengers onboard a feel of the grand travels of the Maharajas of yore, with the spirit of “Atithi Devo Bhava”!

  • How is it on the inside?

    How is it on the inside?

    Recognized as the 4th luxurious train in the world, Palace on Wheels has 14 classy coaches,each of which has been named after an exotic destination in the princely state of Rajasthan. These coaches have4 twin bed cabins, each equipped with modern amenities to help passengers relax and rejuvenate well. Attached bathrooms, showers with hot and cold running water, built-in wardrobe, mini pantry, and internet connection are among the many facilities that the bedrooms in Palace on Wheels come equipped with.

  • An Exquisite Site

    An Exquisite Site

    Each of these coaches is bedecked with exquisite yet soothing interiors to recreate the charm of Rajasthani royalty. The train has a traditionally themed saloon wherein passengers can choose to relax themselves. And at times when you feel like catching up with a fellow passenger or simply reading a book, the royal transport has a dedicated lounge waiting for you. This wonderful medley of lavishness and comfort is augmented by the special spa car, bringing along an array of Ayurvedic massages and rejuvenation therapies to help you do away with the weariness. Just the thing you would want after an active day of continuous sightseeing.

  • Dine like royalty

    Dine like royalty

    While you are still marvelling at the beauty and majesty of the vehicle, you get introduced to delicacies which take your admiration and excitement a notch higher. “Maharaja” and “Maharani” are the two lavish restaurants on the Palace on Wheels which ensure extravagant dining experiences. There is an expansive list of sumptuous cuisines on the menu, right from traditional dishes from different regions in India to international gastronomies. The train also has a bar that is stocked with a variety of alcoholic beverages from popular national and international brands, as well as non-alcoholic beverages and free snacks.