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Pradyuman | November 15th , 2018

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  • The 5 Must-Dos when at Pushkar Mela

    The 5 Must-Dos when at Pushkar Mela

    Pushkar Camel Fair, the winter fest to be held this year from 16th to 23th November, is organised every year in the fascinating town of Pushkar, a town that never sleeps. The mela is a hit favourite among travellers, offering a medley of activities to engage in. Known for its serene hills and sand dunes, Pushkar serves as a splendid setting for the traditional mela. Providing a common ground to thousands of colourful camels, cattle and livestock by turban-clad traders and villagers all at one place, the camel fair is a visual spectacle like no other. Want to know what the Pushkar Camel Fair holds in store for you? Here’s a closely curated list.

  • Like a kid in a candy store

    Like a kid in a candy store

    Lakhs of visitors set foot in the mela for days to have a little fun with their close ones. And what is a mela without giant swings and announcements?! Take a chuski gola and hop onto a swing to kick start a whirlwind of adrenaline rush. Rekindling your childhood memories,you get to be goofy amidst the frenzy of this mela.

  • Desert camping

    Desert camping

    Camp in the desert and enjoy hot samosas and kachoris with a steaming cup of tea in the freezing nights of the multi-day mela. With the weather being warmer during the day and colder at night, you’llget to experience how it feels to be a nomad in thedunes of the desert. Besides the early morning walks in the dunes to campfires during the night, you’ll also get to revel in the exhilarating stories which the locals have to narrate.

  • Oh, the food!

    Oh, the food!

    Savour the flavours of the land, like malpua and decorated barfi along with a tall glass of lassi while you roam around the streets with themela lights glistening in your eyes. One can also try out other cuisines with multiple cafés surrounding the ghat, where you can have juices, sandwiches etc. From English breakfast to Italian cuisines, there’s no dearth of food optionsin here.

  • Soak it all in

    Soak it all in

    Amidst the backdrop of a barren yet rustic locale, the mela offers a vibrancy that’s heart-warming to say the least. The scattered hues visible on camels and turbaned men, speak much to the mind of a traveller. Click selfies and immerse yourself in the vividness of this glorious mela. How about a scenic view of the mela from a hot air balloon,or perhaps a walk? Take your pick, as you are in for a beautiful view either way. Watch the pilgrims take a holy dip in the waters,and witnesscamel races as you take in the spirit of this event.