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Rajasthan Through Eyes of Ruby


Ruby | September 18th, 2018

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  • UnexploredSthan


    One visit to Rajasthan and you will see that there are umpteen places to see, and many more to be left astounded by.Fact of the matter, there are many unexplored places in Rajasthan that will find a spot in every traveller’s bucket list. The state of Rajasthanhas richness ingrained deep in its roots,which is personified by immaculate monuments that make you revel in their glory. The splendour of this regal state lies in its vibrant customs and traditions. Eager to know about these uncommon yet splendid places? So are we to share them with you.

  • Banswara


    Banswara is home to bamboo forests, and hence the name ‘Bamboo Country”. Banswara is also known as land of thousand islands. Its beauty is further augmented by the Mahi River. The city houses ancient temples and palaces that are no less than stunning artworks,and also bears witness totribal festivals which are organized here from time to time. Banswara also boasts of the City Palace which is a historical masterpiece, along with Hindu as well as Jain temples on its map. The most renowned among them are Andeshwar, Madareshwar Shiva Temple, Vithala Deo Temple, Arthuna and Tripura Sundari.

  • Dungarpur


    Dungarpur has a curious mix of interesting terrains and awe-inspiring places. Enter this place, and you are sure to have a sense of bliss. Marking the map of this place are two mighty rivers, Som and Mahi, which contribute to the beauty of the already serene place. The charming architecture that Dungarpur has to its credit makes it worth the visit. Further, the presence of Gaib sagar Lake in here provides a spiritual connection to its visitors. You can also visit Juna Mahalwhen here, which is adorned with paintings and murals. Last but certainly not the least is the Badal Mahal located on the boundary of Gaibsagar Lake. Where as Beneshwar, Galiyakot and Deo Somnath completes a fulfilling visit.

  • Bundi


    Bundi is one-of-a-kind offbeat destination that is a haven for tourists. In fact, this hidden gem in Rajasthan is a place that is less explored. The captivating view of the Garh Palace as well as the Naval Sagar Lake make for a brilliant view, besidesthe other lakes, palaces and a fort that speak volumes about Bundi’shistory. This is a city which has a lot in store for those who have the heart to explore.

  • Rajsamand


    Rajsamand is a little town that’s located south of Rajasthan,one which is surprisingly underrated. If you really want a place that’s different to explore, Rajsamand is the place to be. The city’s most popular tourist attraction is the Rajsamand Lake that is spread over half the mainland of the majestic town,and has beautiful mountains in its backdropthat further enhance its might.The lake looks even more beautiful during the evenings. You also have Haldi ghati that is located 30 – 35 kms from the city, where armies of Maharana Pratap and Mughal forces clashed, and the battle of Haldi ghati took place. And lest we forget, there’s the Kumbhalgarh Fort, a UNESCO world heritage site that is sure to leave you enamoured! It may just be an analogy, but its apt to its core – Rajasthan is that treasure cove where such gems are waiting to be uncovered.Explore it the way you want. You never know, Jaane Kya Dikh Jaaye!