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Rajasthan through eyes of Ami


AMI BHAT | Dec 20th, 2016

  • Zip-Line


    Zip-lining at Mehrangarh fort is a perfect example of how Rajasthan adds a bit of adventure where it is least expected. The six-line course traverses along the Blue City, Jodhpur, takes you over royal gardens and lakes onto the impenetrable walls of Mehrangarh Fort — one of the largest forts in India. The rush of air and the visual feast of the gorgeous Chokelao Gardens make a heady combination that lasts till you land onto the stone tower of Mehrangarh fort. You can even experience the thrill of zip-lining in Alwar at the Neemrana Fort — a five-line adventure over the ancient relics and the gorgeous Aravalli range.

  • Rajputs of Chittorgarh

    Rajputs of Chittorgarh

    The Rajputs have always been known for their valor and pride. And this pride is best remembered at Chittorgarh — the largest fort in India. At this World Heritage Site, every stone has a story to tell. Discover the gorgeous Vijay Stambh,?? an intricately carved memorial of victory erected by Rana Kumbha. Visit the ruler's palace to pay respect to the brave Queen Padmavati who chose to immolate herself than surrender to the tyrant Allauddin Khilji. Discover Chittorgarh — with not just the stories but the gorgeous architecture of its various royal palaces and temples.

  • Ranthambore


    If you think Rajasthan is just about heritage and adventure, prepare to be surprised. Meet its majestic inhabitants — the Royal Bengal Tigers at the Ranthambore National Park. Head out in a jeep to photograph these gorgeous beasts. Along the way, keep an eye out for the lovely chitals, elusive leopards and lazy sloth bears. You are bound to spot the largest banyan tree in India here. Remember to make a stop at the Ranthambore Fort to experience the very pit stop that the rulers of Rajasthan used to make when out hunting.

  • Blue Pottery

    Blue Pottery

    The one thing that you are bound to come across in all the museums, heritage destinations and shops in Rajasthan is blue pottery. Beautiful, delicate designs in blue on cups, pots and vases are a specialty of Jaipur — an art that was learned from the Mughals and Persians. The gifted Rajasthani artists slowly added their artistic touch to the designs and made it a hallmark of their own tradition. The designs usually include tiny motifs of birds, animals and flowers and a few even have paintings of Rajasthani women on them. You can find these across Rajasthan and it not unusual to see tourists taking back this traditional art form as memorabilia.

  • Shopping


    Rajasthan is all about indulgences, and what better than shopping. Starting with personal clothing to jewellry to household items — there are just tons of things that you can indulge in. Go crazy with the colorful Bandhini dresses that are found across Rajasthan, or the typical Jaipuri and Jodhpuri mojris that go with these outfits. Completing that look would be Kundan jewellry from Jaipur. Do pick up Jaipuri bedsheets and bedspreads to add that royal touch to your homes. There are just so many designs and colors in the markets that you will be spoilt for choice. The best part of the deal is that none of these are expensive and it's quite likely that your trip to Rajasthan will end with more luggage than you originally came with.



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    This is so good. Glad to know that you had a perfect Jaipur experience. I'm sure you'll check out other things to do in city. FYI, I've also shared a list of to do in Jaipur over my blog - www.jaipurlove.com