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Rajasthan through eyes of Drishti


Drishti | February 21st, 2018

Drishtisthan Drishtisthan
  • Witness Colors of Jaipur at The Kite Festival

    Witness Colors of Jaipur at The Kite Festival

    As they say, you haven’t actually witnessed the true shades of Indian festivals until you have indulged in the magnificent celebrations of Rajasthan. Fairs and festivals are deeply ingrained in the culture of this state, and when it comes to displaying their charm, the city of Jaipur does it with extraordinary fervor.What is observed as tradition in other parts of the Indian subcontinent, transitions into a carnival in the Pink City. The Kite Festival in Jaipur is one among the many remarkable festivals celebrated here, attracting a significant multitude of Indian and foreign crowds.

  • It’s all in the culture

    It’s all in the culture

    Hospitality being one of the prime attributes of the culture of this princely state is deeply-seated in all its acts and customs. So while the locals receive their guests warmly and with open hearts, the Department of Tourism makes special arrangements to help them feel and cherish the true colors and experiences of the state’s culture and customs. Every year in the month of January, the Department of Tourism under the Rajasthan State Governmentorganizes a Kite Festival,an exciting and colorfulfête whichthe tourists can witness andinvolve themselvesin. The Kite festival at Jaipur is organized every year on January 14, on the eve of Makar Sankranti, the venue being the “Jal Mahal ki Pal”.

  • A canvas of many different hues

    A canvas of many different hues

    Tourists from all around the globe come and immerse themselves in this vibrant festival,to take back an experience of a lifetime. Whilst reaching the venue, the arty and engaging kite-shaped rangolis set the tone of the vivacity that’s on the horizon. Numerous small to big kites in bright colors of blue, red, green, indigo, orange, ochre, pink etc. dazzle the venue as an exceptional kite flying gest ensues among the folks. If you are keen-eyed, you’ll see a number of duels unfolding too! To take the thrill and excitement of the festival to a pulsating level,you also get to witness anepic kite flying contest between the two teams of professional kite fliers. Excited tourists gather under the colorfully dotted sky to witness this friendly rivalry, while relishing on the famed and customary Jaipuri delicacies such as Gajak, Tilke Laddu, Feeni and crispy pakodey. When the performers of folk Rajasthani dances (Kaalbelia, Mayur/peacock dance etc.) and music take center stage,is when you realizethat you are well and trulyhooked!

  • Experiences from around the city

    Experiences from around the city

    The commemoration of the auspicious festival of Uttarayan or Makar Sankranti with the traditional kite flying begins quite early in Jaipur. This much-awaited day of unlimited frolic and fun starts as early as 8 or 9 a.m. in the morning as young and old in various neighborhoods of thisvibrant city gather around on the terraces of their house, challenging each other to a kite-fight. In only a matter of few hours, the entire sky gets ensconced in numerous kites of various sizes and colors. The event reaches its climax with the release of the much famed “Chain of a hundred kites” into the sky. In fact, the fun and excitement does not cease with the setting of the sun, for come dusk, the kites dotting the sky get replaced by a huge multitude of Kandeel (sky lanterns) and fireworks. As the festival comes to its conclusion, you begin to realize that you have only begun grasping the marvelousness of Rajasthan and its ethos that there’s so much more in here to feed your wanderlust.