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  • Pushkar Fair – The Symbolism of Rajasthan

    Pushkar Fair – The Symbolism of Rajasthan

    Celebrations that are surreal can be quite fortifying,leaving you with a block-full of emotions, and a heart full of pride. Pushkar Fair, one of the most extravagant livestock fairs in the nation, emulates the ethnicity and colors of Rajasthan. Generally held in between the months of October-November, the five to eight days long Pushkar Fair is the ethereal kind of feast for the senses. The picturesque amalgam of pretty, bright hues, spirited folk-dances, mystical music and scrumptious food all set on the backdrop of the golden-hued Thar; transports you away from the humdrum ofeveryday life. The fact that it sees national and international tourists pour in by the flocks is a testament to how revered the century-old Pushkar Fair really is.

  • Religious Background

    Religious Background

    What now is a popular meeting ground for camel and cattle traders in India actually has a deep-seated religious aspect associated with it. The Pushkar Fair commences on the auspicious full moon day (Purnima) of the lunar month of Kartik, as per the Hindu calendar. Pilgrims from different corners of India, come to take a dip in the holy waters of the Pushkar Lake on this day, following the popular belief that it was on Kartik Purnima that Lord Brahma sprung up the lake. Besides serving as a method of offering graces to Lord Brahma, a bath in the river helps absolve the devotees of all their sins. Pushkar is one of the five most important Hindu pilgrimages in India. Citations of Pushkar can be found in the 2000 year old Indian epic, Mahabharata, as one of the most sacred sites in India.

  • It Starts with a Marathon

    It Starts with a Marathon

    The Pushkar Fair generally has a Harmony Marathon from Dargah Shareef, Ajmer to the Brahma Temple in Pushkar. Beginning at around 6:00 a.m. early morning, the fair runs all night long straight for a period of five-eight days. Where Camels take Center stage: Although the Pushkar Fair goes far beyond livestock trading, they are still one of the most significant attractions in this fair. Moreover, despite the presence of various types of livestock in the fair, it is the ship of the desert that rules the roost. To prepare them for the fair, the camels are washed clean, and then decked up with pretty ornamentations including bells, beads, bangles and hoofs. Queer shops and stalls selling jewelries and décor items for camels are set up in and around the mela ground. Camels are enrolled into beauty pageants, races, dance shows and other interesting games for best exhibiting them in the fair.

  • Some Adventure, and then some Fun

    Some Adventure, and then some Fun

    Pushkar Fair is one of the best places to be at for the adventure-seeking souls. Various tour companies visiting the fair, organize hot air balloon flights to provide people with the unique and exhilarating opportunity to witness the fair from up above. Games – The interest that foreign travelers display in the fair by participating in various games with the locals, such as Langri Taang, tug of war, cricket matches and so on is enough to uncover the brilliance of the fair. Other than these, Pushkar Fair also offers the venturesome to participate in the adventure sports such as camel safari, horse riding, para motors and quad racing. Visitors also get to witness traditional Rajasthani contests such as matka race, bride and groom contest and the exciting “Mustache competition for men” where the locals perform. For the love of Music and Dance: Music and dance is an inexorable part of the Rajasthani culture and the Pushkar Fair is one such event where you get to witness some authentic folk music and dance. Pushkar Fair is also graced by many eminent performers in India. Some of the leading fusion bands of India such as the Indian Ocean have frequented the fair over the years, to stage phenomenal live shows. The Souvenirs and the Food: Pushkar Fair is also where you can find a gamut of stalls selling traditional Rajasthani arts and crafts. The Shilpgram handicrafts bazaar, featuring silver ornaments, patchwork garments, printed textiles and footwear is one of the main attractions in this respect. With most of the entertainment taken care of, comes the food. At Pushkar,you get to gorge on mouth- watering Rajasthani delicacies such as the ever popular dal baatichurma,Rajasthan’s version of the bhel puri, chole aloo tikki chaat, mirchi ke tapore, the cult Poha Pizza Pakwan, the maalpue, the makhaniya lassi, and so much more! If you don’t have an appetite, build one before you step in here.

  • New Age Formats of Entertainment

    New Age Formats of Entertainment

    One of the most striking aspects of Pushkar Fair that makes it a class apart is how it has acclimatized as per the changing times. At this fair, one can find a gamut of activities and alluring sights meant to please every type of crowd be it the young or old, coy or the adventure-seeking ones. It is only at the Pushkar Fair that you get to experience the incredible combination of glamor and camping, in the form of ‘glamping’. Presented by the Skywaltz Pushkar Camp, ‘glamping’ ensures you a fascinating and convenient night stay at Thar during the fair. Since Pushkar Fair witnesses a huge influx of people from all around the world, it is best that you arrive at the venue a day or two ago and make the necessary arrangements for your stay there. If you wish to save good pennies by ditching ‘glamping’, the city has feasible guest houses and heritage hotels for you. The Grand Conclusion: The Pushkar Fair finally culminates with a grand Maha Arti at the Pushkar Sarovar (Lake), followed by an enchanting Firework show at high level bridge that amuses the young and old alike.The real essence of life can only be felt beyond all that the tedium and exasperations, in episodes such as the above that fill you with absolute amazement. Make a stopover at Pushkar Fair to see life in a more exuberant light!