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Rajasthan through eyes of Lakshmi


LAKSHMI SHARAT | Dec 9th, 2016

  • Music and Dance

    Music and Dance

    The melodious strains of classical singer Shubha Mudgal vibrate through every narrow lane in Ramgarh during the festival. Celebrity artists, maestros and award winners perform at the old fort. Eminent danseuse Sonal Mansingh spins an enchanting world through Krishna Leela. Folk dancers create magic in this quaint town

  • Temples of Ramgarh

    Temples of Ramgarh

    Rich in murals, decorated with mirrors and dedicated to different Gods, the temples in Ramgarh have an old world charm about them. The Ganga temple built over 300 years ago beckons you while the little Shani temple with its mirrors glitters as every painting here tells a story. There is even one painting with Vikramaditya and his Betaal. There are also temples dedicated to Natwar Niketan, Ram and Hanuman as well. There are old dharamshalas adjacent to some of these temples as well.

  • Memorials


    The Chattris completely take your breath away as you see some of the most dazzling paintings here. There are 500 murals alone in the Ram Gopal Poddar Chattri that are ever so fascinating. Depicting lives of Ram and Krishna, the paintings are an assault on your senses. Every musical note or raga has been painted in rich hues, giving it a visual feel. The Ramayan Chattri is another beautiful memorial and the paintings here are dedicated to the epic.

  • Beautiful Doors

    Beautiful Doors

    Go on a heritage walk around Ramgarh and discover some of the most beautifully painted structures of these merchants which are over 300 years old. As Ramgarh became home to the merchant community – the Poddars, the Ruias, the Agarwals, the Khaitans among others, each of one vied with the other to make their mansions grander. Get fascinated by the imagination of the artists who were usually given a free rein to paint the havelis based on their interests. From gods and goddesses to beautiful men and women, to depictions of social life, to evolution of cars and trains – every fresco is a marvel in itself. You can also understand the evolution of natural and chemical colors used by these artists. Walk amidst some of the old ruins and stumble upon a hidden treasure as well. The havelis of Anant Ram Poddar, Bashashwarlal Poddar, Jagannath Poddar besides the ones owned by Ruias can be visited among others.

  •  Architecture of Shekhawati

    Architecture of Shekhawati

    The architecture of the havelis, the delicate wood carvings, the old doors and windows will fascinate anyone who walks into the town. If you are into antiques and architecture, then you can find several workshops here as well. Besides it is not just the paintings that add color. The tradition of creating bangles made of lac still continues in Ramgarh as every woman adorns her arms with them and are an important part of a wedding trousseau. You can watch a demo and buy a few bangles as well.