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Rajasthan Through Eyes of Sumita


Sumita | July 25th, 2018

SumitaSthan SumitaSthan
  • The City of Lakes

    The City of Lakes

    One of the more popular monikers for Udaipur is the “City of Lakes”, and rightfully so. The lakes in Udaipur form a perfect backdrop for the romantic nuances of the city, offering a picturesque release for people who visit the place. Lake Pichola, Udai Sagar Lake, Fateh Sagar Lake, Badi Lake, Doodh Talai Lake, Swaroop Sagar (Kumharia Talab ) are the five most prominent lakes near around the city, and a boat-ride over the tranquil waters amidst views of nearby hills is an experience that can soothe you even after the most hectic days of sightseeing. Other lakes in the city that are smaller than the aforementioned yet no less picturesque, include the Jaisamand Lake and Badi Lake.

  • Historic and Romantic Palaces

    Historic and Romantic Palaces

    When you think of Rajasthan, the first thing that comes to mind is the number oftowering palaces that sing praises of stories and cultures of the past and loom majestically over the cities. Udaipur too is no different in this aspect. As you think about the beautiful Lake Pichola, the palaces that are built on its embankments surely steal the show. There are a number of beautiful palaces established in Udaipur that define true luxury and the royal silhouette of the centuries-old Mewar culture. Among the most popular is the flamboyantly built City Palace. The other one is the Monsoon Palace, which is a hilltop palatial residence that overlooks the FatehSagar Lake. Other interesting palaces in Udaipur include the Bagore Ki Haveli, Lake Palace, and the Jag Mandir Palace.

  • Shop Your Heart Out

    Shop Your Heart Out

    The streets of the city of Udaipur are paradise for any shopper. From traditional crafts and vintage wares to authentic artefacts and much more, the markets of Udaipur are not just a visual treat, but light on your pocket too. The most important of these markets is definitely the Hathi Pole market. Popular amongst locals as well as tourists, Hathi Pole is full of shops that reflect the eminence of Rajasthan, with exquisite handicrafts,clothes, and shoes. Other market places include Jagdish Chowk Street for home décor items;GhantaGhar (Clock Tower) for silver jewellery, handicrafts and rustic wood items; Bapu Bazar, offering something for everyone; and Shilpgram, for hand-made items; etc.

  • The Culture

    The Culture

    From towering palaces to rustic markets, Udaipur is immersedin culture. One of the most popular attractions however, when it comes to culture, is Dharovar at Bagore ki Haveli, where every evening, you can be a part of a cultural show that showcases authentic dance forms and songs from Rajasthan. It is a true treat for all your senses as you become a part of the vibrant culture of the state. With so many attractions and stories to offer, there is no doubt that Udaipur is a city that is perfect for everyone, and also reaffirms why you should add Udaipur to your Rajasthan itinerary.



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    Best place to visit