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Upendra | 7th April, 2018

Upendrasthan Upendrasthan
  • The many colours of Dhulandi

    The many colours of Dhulandi

    Holi is an Indian festival that we await for with a sense of excitement, and celebrate with a potpourri of colors! While fairs and festivals are an integral part of the essence of Rajasthan, Dhulandi too presents an amazing opportunity to indulge into the culture and heritage of the state. The Story Behind Dhulandi: The legend behind Dhulandi is the popular story of Prahalad and Hiranyakashyap. Hiranyakashyap had obtained a boon that offered him five special powers, and made him almost invincible. While the boon did make him powerful, it also made him very arrogant. He posed as their new god and oppressed the weak and the poor. His own son, Prahalad, was devoted to lord Vishnu, and no matter what punishments were dealt out to him, his resolve wouldn’t break. To put an end to his devotion, Hiranyakashyap’s sister Holika (who had a boon from Brahma that made her immune to fire) sat with Prahalad in her lap in a roaring fire. However, by the time the fire burned out, Holika had perished and Prahalad had survived. Lord Vishnu then incarnated in the form of Narasimha, half man and half lion, to finally killHiranyakashyap. The death of this tyrant restored people’s faith, and they rejoiced by throwing colours, which is now celebrated as Dhulandi.

  • The Significance of Dhulandi

    The Significance of Dhulandi

    The Dhulandi festival essentially marks the victory of Prahalad over Hiranyakashyap, of good over evil. It marks the end of the reign of the mighty demon king whose death finally freed the people from fear, restoring their faith in their own gods.For that very reason, a ritual pyre is lita day before Dhulandi. When this traditional bonfire is lit, devotees pray for all their evils to be burned away in the fire, leaving behind only that which is pure and good. Apart from the religious aspect, people also treat Dhulandi as the day that they forget their differences and start anew by embracing each other. All things said and done, Dhulandi in Jaipur is a very memorable experience for people who come to the city during this time.

  • This year’s Dhulandi Festival in Jaipur

    This year’s Dhulandi Festival in Jaipur

    Dhulandi in Jaipur is played with amazing fervour and charm. The Department of Tourism organized the Jaipur Dhulandi Festival on the 2 nd of March this year at the Khasa Kothi Hotel. The festival saw locals and tourists from all corners of the world, coming together in a swirl of colours to create an ambiance of pure exultation, as they welcomed to the festival with brilliantly bright colours and fascinating displays of folk music and dance by local artists.