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If Rajasthan is your choice for an international vacation getaway, then you couldn't have picked a better destination. This 'royal state' is a beautiful representation of India's rich architectural heritage, cultural diversity and hospitality.

But don't take our word for it. We wholeheartedly welcome you to revel in the sights, sounds and flavours of Rajasthan.

Below are a few things you will need to know:


The below instructions and information are general in nature; however, for specific information, we urge you to visit or contact the Indian Mission / Embassy website as per your country of residence.

A passport that is valid for a minimum of six months beyond the date of intended return from India should ideally accompany your visa applications.

Foreign tourists holding other nationalities (other than the country where applying for visa), should submit proof of long-term (at least three years)/ permanent residence in the country (where applying). For citizens of other countries, a reference has to be made to their country of residence for which an additional fee is chargeable and will also involve extra processing time. Please refrain from making inquiries about the status of the application during this time.

Following visas are available from the Indian missions abroad:


This is given for 6 months normally; it may vary depending on the country of residence. The applicant is required to produce/submit documents in proof of his financial standing. Tourists travelling in groups of not less than four members under the auspices of a recognized travel agency may be considered for grant of collective tourist visa.


This is valid for one year or more with multiple entries. A letter from the sponsoring organization indicating nature of business, probable duration of stay, places and organizations to be visited incorporating therein a guarantee to meet maintenance expenses, etc. should accompany the application.


These is issued for the duration of the academic course of study or for a period of five years whichever is less, on the basis of firm letters of admission from universities/recognized colleges or educational institutions in India. Change of purpose and institutions are not permissible.


This is issued for a maximum period of 15-days with single/double entry facilities to bonafide transit passengers only.


This is valid for single entry and duration as permitted by Government of India. A letter in triplicate from sponsoring organization indicating intended destination in India, probable length of stay, and nature of duties to be discharged should be submitted along with guarantee for applicant's maintenance while in India.


This is issued to professional journalists and photographers for visiting India. The applicants are required to contact on arrival in New Delhi, the External Publicity Division of the Ministry of External Affairs and, in other places, the Office of the Government of India's Press Information Bureau.


This is issued for attending conferences/seminars/meetings in India. A letter of invitation from the organizer of the conference is to be submitted along with the visa application. Delegates coming for conferences may combine tourism with attending conferences.


This is issued to skilled and qualified professionals or persons who are engaged or appointed by companies, organizations, economic undertakings as technicians, technical experts, senior executives etc. Applicants are required to submit proof of contract/employment/engagement of foreign nationals by the company or organization.


This is available to International Travellers whose sole objective of visiting India is recreation, sight-seeing, a casual visit to meet friends or relatives, short-term medical treatment or a casual business visit. For more information, visit


The fee structure depends on the nationality of the passport holder and type/duration of visa applied. The existing fee structure is:

Mission Sites

Transit VisaUS$ 5.00Visas with validity up to six monthsUS$ 30.00Visas with validity up to one yearUS$ 50.00Student VisaUS$ 50.00Visas with validity between one to five yearsUS$100.00Visa fees indicated in US$ are payable in local currencies as well. Visa fees are not refundable except in cases where a visa already issued is cancelled thereafter.


Depends on the type of visa applied.


The duration of stay in India for each visit on a tourist visa or business visa is only for a period of 6 months even though a valid visa may be for more than 6 months.

The visa is given for a period for which the passport is valid. For example, if a passport is valid until April 30, 2009 and an applicant is applying for 5 year visa on December 31, 2008, the applicant will not be issued a 5 years visa as the passport expires before the 5 year visa.


Tourist visa up to 5 years may be granted if the foreigner is connected with the tourism trade.

If visa is for more than 180 days, registration is compulsory within 14 days of first arrival in India.

Extension of visa in Delhi - Ministry of Home Affair (MHA) - Director (F), Lok Nayak Bhawan, Ist floor, Khan market, New Delhi-110003.


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In an effort to ensure your stay is a comfortable and safe one, we have listed out a code of conduct for both the tourists and hosts: -

  • DO's


    Always check into approved/classified hotels, paying guest houses, bed-and-breakfasts or RTDC run hotels.

    Whenever possible, make enquiries at the Rajasthan Tourism Tourist Information Bureaus located in major railway stations, bus stands and airports.

    Before staying in a paying guest accommodation, always check about its authorisation by the Department of Tourism


    Take autorickshaws or taxis from pre-paid kiosks at Railway Stations, Bus Stands or wherever available.

    If a prepaid autorickshaw is not available, settle the fare/charges before embarking on the journey.

    Hire taxis from approved Travel Agency or RTDC.

    Book taxis through taxi aggregator apps.

    Make enquires (as to where, and how far each monument or tourist site is located) before setting out on sightseeing.


    Purchase from reputed/recognised shops or Government emporiums.

    Always insist on a bill for purchases made.

    Ensure there is a Good and Services Tax registration number (GST) on your bill sheet.

    Payments made by credit cards must have the amount mentioned in both, words and numbers.

    Always double-check the goods in the parcel before leaving the shop or allowing it to be packed for dispatch.

    Ensure payment by credit cards is made only once for each bill.

    Ensure that wrongly made out bills are destroyed immediately to avoid double payment.

    Avoid showrooms near tourist sites or else ensure the price and authenticity of the purchase being made.

    Avoid shops that have names very similar to Government run emporia or concerns like RTDC (Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation) or Rajasthali, which are public sector undertakings.

    Avoid associating or developing relations for furthering business with unknown persons who are glib talkers and at times impeccably turned out.

    Avoid help of guide /driver while shopping. Try to avoid shops recommended by them.


    Take from authorised money exchangers and always get a receipt.


    Utilise services of pre-paid taxis, wherever available.


    If you are cheated, inform the nearest Police Station/Police Control Room immediately or TAF (Tourist Assistance Force) personnel posted near monuments.


    You are advised not to dress in clothes that are too revealing and too scanty.

    Eat food that you buy yourself.

    Always ensure your passport and other precious belongings are safe. Never give them to strangers, shopkeepers or hotel staff.

  • DON'Ts


    Stay with or be coaxed into staying with people you meet at railway platforms, bus stands or shopping areas.

    Think you are getting a bargain if a free ride is given by any transporter to a hotel. Check with Rajasthan Tourism tourist information office first.

    Allow any one into your room (for a drink, snacks or just a chat) unless the person is well known to you.


    Free rides can culminate into trouble at a hotel suggested by the driver.

    Leave your important documents, valuables, luggage, etc. with the driver.


    Let the driver coax you into doing more shopping than sightseeing.

    Sign on blank letter heads or bills.

    Let shopkeepers pack your purchases behind a counter or in another room. It must be done in front of you and signed across the joints or ensure some method whereby no changes can be made.


    Exchange from unauthorised money exchangers who do not provide a receipt.


    Leave your valuables and goods/ luggage in taxi/auto rickshaw etc.


    Hang on to the arms of young men or give them the impression that you find them attractive.

    Go in for free lunch and dinner or drinks.

    Roam around alone in the late hours of the night.



"All major telecom service providers have centres in main cities and also can be found at airports."